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Big Data Analysis Consulting Service
The TCloud Big Data Analysis Service provides sophisticated analytics and transformation of both structured and unstructured, complex data.

The Service includes a team of expert Solution Architects who work with our customers on a wide range of business and technical items. The team provides guidance and hands-on help on a number of topics; including, comprehensive design review of your current system and plans, operational guidance for running TCloud Big Data Analysis, and recommendations on connecting TCloud Big Data Analysis to your existing IT infrastructure.
Our consultants also provide performance reviews of your data processing along with tuning recommendations for optimized speed, response time, and throughput. If you are most likely to commit training of Hadoop implementation, administration and development, there are training courses designed by our Hadoop exports which will offer technical personnel and management a complete understanding of Hadoop technology.

Computing BigData Platform (BDP) can also provide management and data analysis features. Our Big Data Platform and Analysis Service reduce data processing time and operational costs, improves computational capability, and enhances data analysis, coverage, and depth. It also enables customers to regain access to data stored over a long timeframe, which was previously inaccessible due to the sheer volume of data.

The latest industry briefing of TCloud Big Data consulting service will be helping stakeholders to understand how industries (telecom, retailers, healthcare, manufacture and public sector) can leverage Hadoop technology to manage and convert big data into business intelligence.

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