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ElasterStack Cloud Solution

TCloud ElasterStack is a complete software solution to build up a cloud computing infrastructure (IaaS). ElasterStack is a highly-secured, on-demand "cloud in a box" solution that provides our customers with massive scalability and never-before experienced business agility through a public, private or hybrid cloud ecosystems for your applications, management and business environment.


ElasterStack allows customers to achieve greater savings and resource efficiency by enabling real-time adaptability to infrastructure requirements from the market and the development teams. By integrating with a world-class, proven security infrastructure, ElasterStack provides one of the highest-level security solutions available on the market.


ElasterStack platform allows operator to build flexible cloud computing service which is similar to Amazon EC2. The operator can provide self-service for its customers who can purchase a variety of cloud computing resources, including virtual machines, storage and network resources.


ElasterStack offers service provider complete flexibility and control over cloud computing datacenter. See ElasterStack Feature List to learn detailed features.

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