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TCloud Computing BigData Platform

Today's businesses are driving the growth of big data. The management and analysis of huge size of data are big challenges on data storage infrastructure which can achieve more than petabyte, massively query execution, and analytical processing.

TCloud Computing BigData Platform (BDP) accelerates enterprise growth through distributed database management and efficient Hadoop big data handling. Our BDP solution integrates advanced open source technologies and rich data handling experience which lets enterprise focus on extracting business intelligent from massive quantities of data in a simplified and accelerated way instead of worrying about Hadoop programming and operating.

Our parent company – Trend Micro is ranked the top 10 Hadoop community contributor among global companies. TCloud Computing BigData Platform (BDP) solution and our experts can help enterprise to evaluate, deploy, manage and scale Hadoop stack, such as file system, data storages, and services. With BDP, IT professions are able to fast adopt streamlined Big Data implement, operation, and analysis strategies.




  • One-shop Big Data solution
  • Appliances or fast installation package
  • Comprehensive management interface
  • Proactive cluster and node notification service
  • Easy and fast system diagnose
  • Multi-level account management
  • Complete API and documents for advanced development
  • High performance and fast data analysis
  • Easy to scale distributed server clusters and roles
  • High reliability and robust deployment
  • Easy to manage by web administration interface
  • Seamless integration with existing databases
  • Support external data import and export interface
  • Great performance-cost ratio
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